Tucker Cipriano testifies in deadly Farmington Hills baseball bat beatings case

Cipriano testifies about cocktail of drugs he took before, after beatings at Farmington Hills home

DETROIT – A Farmington Hills man accused of beating his father to death and severely beating his brother and mother, leaving them seriously injured, was in court on Thursday.

Tucker Cipriano took the stand to testify about what happened the night his family was torn apart by the brutal baseball bat beatings.

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Cipriano, 19, is charged with murdering Bob Cipriano on April 16.

Cipriano testified he was on a cocktail of drugs the days leading up to and after the murders.

He said he smoked Spice, K2 and took mushrooms continuously until police apprehended him in Keego Harbor.

Cipriano said he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and suffers from a Bi-polar mood disorder. His attorney questioned the validity of the statement Cipriano made to police.

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The attorney argued when police interrogated Cipriano he was high on drugs, frightened and lacked sleep.

The attorney said at one point in the videotaped interrogation Cipriano can be seen putting his head down on a table and telling police he didn't want to talk any more.

The prosecutor argued that police did read Cipriano his Miranda rights.

Cipriano himself testified he wanted to tell his side of the story to police earlier in court. Judge Shalina Kumar denied the motion to suppress the interview.

She said there was conflicting evidence from the defendant on what drugs he did or didn't take before he was found by police.

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Kumar said he seemed to understand every question police asked of him.

He was able to answer and even deflect blame onto others, said the judge, a clear indication that he understood what he was doing and saying.

The judge said she watched the interrogation video and the detectives had the Miranda form with them during the interview. She said police went through it with him one question at a time.

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Cipriano and his friend, Mitchell Young, face murder charges including first degree murder.