Thieves target Detroit firehouse

Radiators, sinks stolen from Detroit firehouse on Linwood


DETROIT – A Detroit firehouse on Linwood Street has been unmanned for about six months -- and thieves are taking advantage of that.

Last Thursday and then again Sunday night, someone has broken in and made off with radiators and sinks. DVDs and DVD players also have been stolen.

"Tough times in Detroit. So, you know it ain't surprising. Soon as somebody leave, they have the opportunity, and they will do it," said area resident Kalai Skipper.

Sources said the crooks moved storage cabinets out of the way near some of the remaining radiators probably to come back for a third time.

Skipper said he and his neighbors will keep a watchful eye.

"Very close eye. Hopefully, I will notify the authorities. Hopefully, they catch them guys.  I hope they catch them the next time," he said.

Over the weekend, someone also broke into the DTE substation on Linwood right next door to the firehouse.

No word yet if the break-ins are connected.