Poll: Michigan voters have more support for gay marriage

According to poll, 56.8 percent of Michigan voters support gay marriage


TROY, Mich. – According to a poll conducted by Glengariff Group Inc., 56.8 percent of Michigan voters are in favor of gay marriage.

The poll suggests a shift in Michigan voters' stance on the issue since 2004 when the state's voters affirmed that marriage was between one man and one woman by a major margin of nearly 60 percent.

"There's a significant shift in how the Michigan electorate views this issue. Actually it's a monumental shift over nine years" said Joe Munem, a political consultant.

Now, more than 50 percent of voters say they are in support of gay marriage.

Here's a look at the breakdown of the polling:

- 75 percent of Democrats are in favor of gay marriage
- 51 percent of Independents are in favor of gay marriage
- 36.5 percent Republicans are in favor of gay marriage

These numbers aren't surprising to voters Local 4 spoke with.

"It doesn't surprise me at all, to be honest, because right now the way things are changing people are more accepting of gay marriage," said Zar Syed, of Royal Oak.

Fellow Royal Oak resident Jennifer Wright says the poll numbers look right to her but she still doesn't see it passing.

"I think the religious side is still very strong. I think there is still a strong Christian base," she said.

Consultants agree with her for two reasons:

1. Any ballot initiative that polls at less than 50 percent is usually doomed to failure.
2.A vocal opposition.

"The passion of those who would oppose this could not be discounted. They would come out in big numbers; the churches in this state would be very organized as they have been in previous instances," Munem said.

Already the rumblings of getting gay marriage on the Michigan ballot are swirling in political circles. The expectation is if it goes, it would be in 2016, a presidential election year.

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