Farmington Hills police seek suspect in 2 smash-and-grabs

Farmington Hills police hope to identify man on liquor store surveillance video who, they say, robbed 2 businesses in 1 night

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – Police in Farmington Hills are looking for the suspect in a string of smash-and-grab robberies.

The thief used a hammer Tuesday night to smash out the glass at one business. He reached through the shattered door, unlocked it and proceeded with the robbery.

"I got in here, the registers were broken. The front door was smashed. I called the police. They dusted for fingerprints, checked the cameras. We saw the perpetrator come in through the front door," said Jeff Abdelnour, owner of the Meadows Fine Wine and Liquor store.

Once inside Abdelnour's store, the thief used the hammer to pry open a cash register. It took him a few seconds but he finally got the register open.

"The economy is bad. People need money. Quick cash. So, they smash and grab," said Abdelnour.

The thief moved onto the second register. At first he had trouble getting it open but he was determined. While fiddling around with the hammer, he dropped some cash. He grabbed a bottle of Smirnoff to make up for the lost money.

He left the store double-fisted: cash in one hand and a pint of vodka in the other.

"I hope karma turns around and something happens to him," said Abdelnour. "But chances are it's hard. He had a mask on the lower half of his face."

Farmington Hills police are looking for that masked man on Abdelnour's video. The suspect hit two Farmington Hills businesses in the same night. First it was the Speedy gas station on Grand River Avenue and Middlebelt Road then the liquor store on Farmington Hills Road near 8 Mile Road.

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