Kwame Kilpatrick jurors worked through deadlock during deliberations

Court documents released Thursday

DETROIT – Court documents released in the Kwame Kilpatrick federal corruption trial show the jury worked through a deadlock early on in the deliberation process.

Among the documents released was a handwritten note by one of the jurors that reads: "If we do not unanimously agree to a verdict for a particular charge for a particular defendant what is our course of action?" The note was dated February 26, 2013.

Judge Nancy Edmunds responded to the note by writing: "You should try to reach a unanimous agreement on as many charges/defendants as possible. If you cannot reach unanimous agreement on all charges with respect to all defendants, just let me know."


On March 11, a federal jury found Kilpatrick guilty of racketeering, extortion, tax evasion and wire fraud in March.

Federal prosecutors have been fighting the requests for bond ever since. Judge Edmunds has held firm on her decision to deny it.

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