Kidnapping of 2 women thwarted by Border Patrol on I-94 in Detroit

Border Patrol agents caught the armed suspect


DETROIT – U.S. Border Patrol agents thwarted the kidnapping of two women and caught the armed suspect Monday on Interstate 94 in Detroit.

The two agents were headed into Detroit on I-94 when a woman flagged them down and told them she had just witnessed an armed kidnapping. 

The witness was able to identify the vehicle to the agents. 

Moments later, the agents spotted the vehicle and pulled it over. 

When agents talked to the driver, she told them that she and another passenger were being held against their will. 

The driver accused a man in the vehicle of using a weapon to kidnap them. 

Additional agents and Detroit Police officers arrived on the scene and assisted in arresting the man accused of the crime.

David Anderson, 30, has been charged with kidnapping an adult, kidnapping a minor and carrying a concealed weapon. 

Both victims were not physically harmed.

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