Washtenaw County roads have drivers snarled

Road Commission is just as frustrated with roads after harsh winter

WASHTENAW COUNTY, Mich. – People in Washtenaw County are fed up with driving around town and doing their best to dodge potholes.

Road commission officials are just as frustrated.

One mother who has lived in Lodi Township for 10 years has never seen the gravel roads as bumpy as this.

"Kids are carsick on the bus because of bumping up and down on the potholes," said Susan Cody. "You can't dodge it because, that's the thing, years ago or even last year you could find some kind of a pass on the side or in the middle that was safe."

Cody is running low on patience and time.

"It's insane. It takes three times the amount of time to get from A to B," she said.

It could take even longer depending on the weather over the next several days.

"It need to be fixed real bad," said Samuel Johnson. "There's going to be a lot of cars messed up. Every day it seems to get higher."it's like 6 inches right now."

Dolores Patterson and some of her neighbors in Clawson are reminded every time they back out of the driveway.

"It's sounds like it's dragging on my oil pan," Patterson said.

Washtenaw County Road Commission officials say in addition to dodging potholes, drivers may also have to get around the muck -- a mixture of dirt, gravel and melting snow.

"It depends on how quickly the frost comes out. Ideally you want it to be a slow process so it thaws from the bottom up and the top down. If it happens real quick that's when you get roads to become really almost impassable," said Roy Townsend, managing director of the Road Commission.

Cody hoping for a smoother ride soon. Until then she's doing the best she can to survive these bumps in the road.

"But this is absolutely the worst year for the roads," she said.

They need your help at the road commission finding problem areas. If you notice a bumpy stretch of road they want you to give them a call.