Madonna's mystery visit to Detroit

Nonprofits got a surprise visit this week

DETROIT – No one really knew for certain what Madonna was up to when pictures of her kept popping up on social media from places like The Heidelberg Project, Downtown Boxing Gym, Detroit Achievement Academy and The Empowerment Plan but it definitely got people talking. 

She traveled with members of her philanthropic team and billionaire Dan Gilbert to different nonprofits throughout the city.

Everyone she met with said she was friendly, down to earth and really interested in everything that was going on. 

"We've got champions in the classroom and in the ring," said board chairman Matthew Roling. "Madonna's recognition of Downtown Boxing Gym could be the exposure we need to jump start our campaign for a new building."

She watched women at The Empowerment Plan make coats that can be turned into sleeping bags, bought several items from Dirt Label, and had others make her a pair of work glasses like they had.

And while she may have inspired those she visited, it looks like she was just as inspired by them.

On her website she stated: 

"Many people doubt that Detroit can come back and think that the challenges are too overwhelming to overcome. But what I witnessed today is the true story of Detroit - a city of innovation, commitment, perseverance, imagination and opportunity. The entrepreneurs, artists, activists, teachers and children I met today left me incredibly inspired. I appreciated every minute of it and look forward to helping make the future of Detroit brighter."  

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