Exotic pets removed from home in Warren

Lemurs, foxes, coatimundi, rabbits, pigeons, roosters discovered

DETROIT – Police seized a number of unusual and exotic pets from a home in Warren.

It all started with a weird call to Warren police. A neighbor had just spotted an aardvark outside of a home.

"That would be the strangest thing the city of Warren got a call from that's for sure," said neighbor Steve Fleming. "Man, that's something you see on 'Animal Planet.'"

Police responded to the call on Frazho Road, went inside this house and discovered two ring-tailed lemurs, three fennec foxes, a coatimundi, rabbits, pigeons and roosters.

"It's really bizarre and out there," said Elaine. "My 6-year-old granddaughter would hear a rooster in the pool. She said, 'No, you don't ... Yes, it's a rooster.' Turns out guess she was right."

Photos were taken of animal control removing the exotic animals from the home.

"He was very upset. These were more like his children and he cared for him the same. He was upset and crying," said Elaine. "We do feel bad for him. But how fair is it for the animals and the neighbors?"