Jury selection to begin Monday in Dearborn Heights murder

Renisha McBride shot, killed in November 2013

DETROIT – Monday morning a case that's made headlines around the country will take center stage in Downtown Detroit.

Jurors will decide if a Dearborn Heights man committed murder, or if he shot 19-year old Renisha McBride in a case of self-defense.

It's a trial that will bring up questions and debate about racial profiling and self defense.

And McBride's family says she's the victim of a brutal attack.

Investigators said early in the morning on Nov. 2, 2013, McBride, who was intoxicated, crashed her vehicle into a parked car before ending up on the front porch of Theadore Wafer's Dearborn Heights home, apparently looking for help.

Wafer told police he thought someone was trying to break into his home. He opened fire, McBride was killed.

Wafer has told investigators he felt threatened and that's why he shot McBride. He admits to picking up his shotgun, opening the front door and shooting McBride through his screen door.

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Defense attorneys had hoped to show the jury cell phone photos of McBride apparently flashing gang signs and holding a gun. That request was denied, but that request gives a glimpse into what the defense strategy may be.

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