Fundraising campaign begins for remodel at Detroit's Cody High School

Life Remodeled plans to paint, repair roof, do classroom renovation

DETROIT – A nonprofit organization is pledging to raise funds for a massive makeover at Detroit's Cody High School.

Detroit Public Schools' emergency manager Jack Martin and Life Remodeled kicked off the fundraising campaign Wednesday.

The goal will be to raise enough money for painting, landscaping, window replacement, roof repair, electrical and plumbing repair, at least one classroom renovation, and installation of a new track and football field at the high school, which is located in the northwest area of the city.

"We chose Cody High School for this project for two reasons: need and hope. There may be great need, but there is even more hope -- which will be instrumental in sustaining the transformation of the school and the neighborhood," said Chris Lambert, president of Life Remodeled. "We anticipate having over 10,000 volunteers, so we will undertake a very large-scale effort to remove blight and create beauty, establishing safe and inspirational pathways for kids traveling to and from school."

Life Remodeled is a non-profit organization with a mission to remodel lives—one neighborhood at a time. That strategy includes remodeling a Detroit Public School each summer in order to create academic and athletic improvements, Lambert said.

The nonprofit also plans to renovate up to 20 student homes in the surrounding area and demolish at least 10 abandoned houses. The nearby Mann and Henderson elementary schools are also scheduled to receive light "facelift" projects.

The project is expected to kick into high gear in August.

In addition to monetary donations, the project is also looking for materials and volunteers.

For more on what donations are needed, click here.