Toledo water safe to drink, but residents cautious

Mayor: 'There's no discernable microcystins in this system'


TOLEDO, Ohio – Toledo residents started their day stocking up on water before the mayor re-opened the spigot.

Some celebrated with a cool drink and overdue chores.

"All six tests came back with no problems whatsoever," said Mayor Michael Collins. "There's no discernable microcystins in this system."

Health officials say if you've continued to run water for the past two days you should be fine. If you haven't been using any water, you're advised to flush out your system.

Run the hot tap 15 minutes, then the cold. Throw out the ice in the ice maker. Make a new batch and throw it out. Change the filter in refrigerators, water softeners, and water filters.

They are requesting voluntary conservation -- no lawn watering or car washes for a few days.

"We need to conserve and try to bring our plant back up slowly so we don't start blowing out water mains," said Ed Moore, Toledo's director of public utilities.

But most residents say while they will use the water, they won't be drinking it.

Grimes, Luna Pier Resident

"We aren't going to be drinking the water the rest of the year, just to be safe. We've got several cases of water and we'll continue to do that, at least until the frost, or the algae is dead," said Pat Grimes, of Luna Pier.

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