Deputies: Teen's report of abduction found to be false

Hayley Turner reportedly went missing for 16 hours

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MONROE COUNTY, Mich. – It was an all-out frantic search for Hayley Turner. The 18-year-old told a friend over the phone Thursday night that she stopped to help a man in need, but that man had a gun. That's when the phone went dead.

That phone call lead to police helicopters combing the area. The FBI got involved and agencies from all across Southeast Michigan pitched in to help.

Turner was found 16 hours later, 45 miles away from her Bedford Township home.

After investigators did a follow-up investigation with Turner Sunday, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office said her story just didn't add up.

Now, the question investigators are asking is -- what really happened to Turner? Police said they know one thing for sure -- the 18-year-old is not the victim of an abduction.

As a result of the interview, it was determined that the incident did not take place as originally reported. The sheriff's office will be closing out the investigation and forwarding the compliant to the prosecutor's office for review.
At this point it's unclear what Turner was really doing between Thursday night when she made that mysterious call to a friend and Friday when she was discovered in Ecorse. What is clear is that if this was all a stunt to grab attention, Turner could face serious charges.

Turner's family said she had been struggling with emotional issues before she vanished. It's unclear if those issues will play a role moving forward.

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