Detroit police make 3 arrests in Friday morning Rite Aid Pharmacy robbery


DETROIT – Detroit police have arrested three people suspected of robbing a Rite Aid Pharmacy Friday morning at 8 Mile and Dequindre roads on the city's east side.

Pharmacy employees said the armed thieves, who all were masked men, managed to get away with more than $3,000. The men fled the store running and police say they fired shots at officers.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said the men attacked a clerk.

"(The clerk) was injured as a result of this," said Craig.

The chief said a follow-up investigation led officers to Outer Driver and Goddard Street. They ended up finding the suspected robbers in a home in the 19000 block of Shields Avenue.

Chief Craig said the home may be vacant.

"They didn't go very far. Suspects like to stay in an area they are familiar with," he said.

Police recovered a gun, a jacket and a mask in the area near April Hill's home. Evidence was recovered from her backyard.

"The police officers say that they found a gun and a mask in our backyard," said Hill. "It makes me fell unsafe that they picked my house."