Police investigate at least 4 sexual assaults on Detroit's west side

Similarities but differences in recent attacks, police say


DETROIT – At least four sexual assaults on Detroit's west side has the full attention of police and the people who live there.

It began with an attempted rape March 24 near Livernois Avenue and Seven Mile Road. On March 29, police said a man forced three women into his car near Schaefer Highway and Fenkell Avenue and raped them at another location. Then on Easter, there was a sexual assault near Grand River and Ward avenues.

Police are not calling this a serial rapist because they told Local 4 News there are similarities, but also differences in the attacks. But connected or not, women in the area are taking precautions for themselves and their daughters.

Women on Detroit's west side are making sure they don't become the next victim of one man, maybe another, who's been abducting and raping women at gunpoint.

Salena Greene is afraid for herself and her daughters.

"I tell them to be more careful. If they have to go out to go in groups, never go alone, never stop," Greene said.

With only a sketch to go on, police are asking for any tips from the public. Three female victims attacked March 29 were 19, 20 and 21 years old.

Paradise Smith has an 18-year old daughter.

"I would not want him to do anything to one of my family members or my kids or anything," Smith said. "I have kids and for those who have been touched or anything, I feel their pain being a mother, and I want him off the streets."

Women who live and work in the neighborhood are running errands earlier, sharing information with each other and even clutching their children a little more closely.

"I'm kind of scared and want to be protective of my daughters," said Chanelle Anderson. "Guard them and protect them, just get him off the streets."

Police are aggressively investigating this case. Anyone that has any information about a vehicle or a person is asked to call Crimestoppers.

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