Part-time sports Associate Producer


Responsible for producing the sports segments of the 5PM, 6PM,11PM and weekend newscasts as well as any other sports-related news.  Also responsible for supervising the logging of highlights and editing, write sports copy, develop and help produce sports features, and organize coverage plans for local and out-of-town events.  This position may involve production related to Sports Final Edition.

The producer must coordinate between the Sports Department and the Assignment Desk. He/she must be a team player between the Sports Department and the Newsroom, as well as maintain an effective and professional relationship with  local sports teams.  Responsibilities include posting stories and video to the station's website on a daily basis. 


Some experience in broadcast and sports television production.  Must demonstrate knowledge of sports and sports news judgment.  Must also have the ability to supervise others in the Sports Department effectively, organizational ability and creativity. An understanding of state-of-the-art production capability is desired.

Please send resumes only to:
Jeremy Allen; Sports Producer
550 W. Lafayette Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48226
Email: jeremya@wdiv.com