Redford police pursue robbery suspects in southwest Detroit

DETROIT – The Michigan State Police and Redford Township police continue their search for armed robbery suspects after they believed the suspects to be in a home in the 1200 block of Wheelock in southwest Detroit.

State Police Lt. Calvin Hart said it all started about 4 a.m. in Redford Township. A woman was robbed on the side of the road. It's not known if the woman was injured.

"Redford police responded to an armed robbery situation in their city. Troopers from the Metro Post responded. We became involved in a pursuit and we ended up at this location (in Detroit), where the suspects bailed from their vehicle," said Hart.

A state police K-9 unit tracked the suspects to the house on Wheelock. After a more than 13-hour standoff of trying to get the suspects to exit the home, officials found no one to be inside the home.

"We have one subject that did surrender," Hart said.