Syrian refugee family arrives in Michigan to start new life in Troy

Hamo lost wife, daughter in explosion

DETROIT – A Syrian refugee known as “The Scientist” arrived in Detroit Thursday evening.

Dr. Refaai Hamo and his four children arrived had been living in Istanbul with his surviving children waiting for admission to a new home. 

His story was featured on the Facebook page “Humans of New York” and reached millions.

Hamo is a scientist with a Ph.D. who lost his wife and daughter to a bomb in Syria’s civil war.

The story told on social media details a man who wants to contribute again. His  story of loss touched millions of people including the president and actor Ed Norton who raised nearly a half-million dollars for the family who are stunned by the outpouring of support and generosity.

Hamo suffers from stomach cancer and was unable to get treatment as a refugee in Turkey.

The family will be moving into a house in Troy.

Sen. Gary Peters released the following statement:

“The United States has always served as a beacon of hope for persecuted peoples around the world.  In times of difficulty and adversity, we cannot turn away from our shared values of freedom, opportunity and hope – they are the light that guides our path forward. Nothing gives me more pride than welcoming a new American to our shores and a new resident to our state.”

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