Blind travelers file lawsuit against Metro Airport over bus stop location

ROMULUS, Mich. – Getting around inside Detroit Metropolitan Airport’s McNamara terminal is possible for those with disabilities, but a new lawsuit says if those with disabilities are using public transport to get to the airport, getting inside is a nightmare.

“Literally they could not have picked a worse location unless they had public transportation drop them off on I-94,” said attorney Ryan Kaiser.

Kaiser just filed the lawsuit against the airport on behalf of two disabled clients who rely on bus service to get there.

McNamara terminal is farthest from the drop-off point, which when you navigate the 600 feet in a wheelchair or if you’re blind is a lot like running a gauntlet.

The access point was much closer, until 2014 when it was moved for safety concerns according to Metro.

Various advocacy groups for people with disabilities, like the National Foundation for the Blind, have been pushing to move it back to a more accessible drop-off point.

There’s been no move, so the lawsuit was filed.

Local 4 contacted the airport and officials said a new location has already been selected. It needs some concrete work before it will be ready, but that should only take a few weeks.

The lawsuit filed by Kaiser isn’t looking for any monetary damages. It only wants easier access for people with disabilities.

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