Bernie Sanders speaks in front of full crowd at Eastern Michigan University

YPSILANTI, Mich. – More than 9,300 people attended a rally held by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in Ypsilanti on Monday.

The rally was held at the Eastern Michigan University Convocation Center.

“If the local government cannot protect those children, if the state government cannot protect those children, than the federal government better get in and do the right thing,” Sanders said about the Flint water crisis.

Sanders got applause for talking about making college affordable and reforming the health care system.

“America must join the rest of the industrialized world, health care for all,” Sanders said.

He also spoke about the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia and how Republicans need to follow the constitution in terms of replacing the justice.

Young people were able to convince their parents to attend the event which had a line a mile long to get into the building.

“My daughter has kind of conformed me to come here with her knowledge of Bernie,” Lisa Jaskowski said.

Erin Fox told her mother what Sanders is advocating.

“I told her billionaires are not paying their fair share and it’s not fair,” Erin Fox said. “For us to move forward as a country, there has to be a close in the gap in income inequality and we need to have more social programs to help people in need.”

Many first time voters were at the rally supporting the self-proclaimed outsider.

“He’s a true idealist,” Morgan Day said. “He’s committed to his ideals, he sticks to them and it’s refreshing to see in a race where so many people change their views just to attract voters.





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