Detroit woman baffled by 911 operators after receiving no help during emergency

A 911 call from a woman who called Detroit police because a man with a gun was on her front porch fell on deaf ears.

Angie Butler has lived on Corbin Street for six years and she’s seen some crime, but never knocking on her own front door.

A man knocked on her door around 2:30 a.m. Thursday, holding a gun and saying he was a police officer.

“He’s out here saying he’s the police and he’s wearing an orange jumpsuit, like a prison jumpsuit,” Butler said.

She immediately called 911.

“So I call 911 and say, ‘I’ve got a guy out here saying he’s a cop at my door with a gun, a big gun,’ and she’s like, ‘Do you want to make a report?’” Butler said. “A report? I want someone to come out here.”

She said the man was on her porch for 10 minutes as she and her son peeked out from windows upstairs.

Butler had a description of the man and saw two vehicles, one of which ended up at a nearby gas station that has surveillance cameras, but she had no officer to take down that information.

“It’s sad when you’re a taxpayer and you can’t get the police to come out and protect you,” Butler said.

She called a friend with the Ecorse Police Department and got one of their squad cars to drive through the neighborhood.

Detroit police said that the situation was mistake on their part and they are evaluating 911 operators and would retrain anyone who needed it. They are investigating the incident. 

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