Fake cops steal Mustang, beat woman with hammer

DETROIT – Police are investigating two violent attacks in which two men posing as officers stole a vehicle and committed several robberies late Wednesday night stretching into Thursday morning.

A red Ford Mustang was stolen at gunpoint from a man’s driveway near Fenton Street and Grand River around 10 p.m.

The two men responsible impersonated police officers and approached a 55-year-old woman. After robbing her, they hit her in the head with a hammer. She is in the hospital and is expected to recover.

“No badges were shown, but just them implying they are police, they’re violating the public’s trust,” Sgt. Jonathan Parnell said.

Their crime spree continued as they took the Mustang to a Mobile Station on Warren Avenue and Grand Boulevard. The men waited there for a second victim, following a 24-year-old woman from the gas station, cutting her off and robbing her at gunpoint.

The Mustang now sits as evidence with Detroit police with serious damage to the front end.

It is unclear how many other people may have been affected by the duo’s robbery spree.

Detroit police are investigating.