Increasing number of Michigan women arming themselves

Gun control debate continues across nation

DETROIT – The national debate on gun control continues as some Americans call for bans and other say now more than ever citizens need the right to arm themselves.

Local experts say one of the fastest growing groups of gun owners is women.

A nation on edge

Shots rang out in an Orlando nightclub where 49 people were killed in a terror attack before law enforcement could take out the shooter.

In Dallas, five police officers working a protest rally were shot and killed by an angry assassin with a rifle.

In Baton Rouge, three officers were shot and killed while responding to a situation.

More gun control

Rain Jones and her children were passing out fliers in Brightmoor for an upcoming “Stop the Violence” rally. Jones believes there should be a reduction of the number of weapons in Metro Detroit.

“It’s more than too many guns, more than too many, and nobody is doing anything about it,” Jones said.

Jones supports a ban on assault rifles and worries about the mentally ill getting permits to carry guns.

“I decided not to have a weapon in my house because I don’t want my children to get a hold of it,” Jones said.

Less gun control

The FBI is breaking records. Last year there were 23 million background checks for felonies and mental illness for those applying to carry gun. That number is up 32 percent this year and is on par for 32 million checks.

More than ever before, women are applying.

“Well unfortunately in these uncertain times, you need to prepare yourself,” Dorice Blackshear said. “The idea of firing one makes me uncomfortable, but I have to prepare myself as much as possible.”

From the city to the suburbs, gun ranges and safety classes are filling up with females.

“I work in real so on occasions I go to areas by myself and I’d rather be safe and know that I’d rather have it and not need it rather than the other way around,” Livonia resident Danielle Goff said.

In the past five years, active gun licenses have nearly doubled in Michigan.  Some 15 percent of those are women.

Law enforcement authorities say that gun owners should go through the legal process which will ensure that the user is properly trained on how to use and store the weapon.

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