Michigan man records neighbor's vicious pit bulls after multiple complaints

Otisville man says video is proof of problem with dogs

OTISVILLE, Mich. – An Otisville man decided to take matters into his own hands after complaints about his neighbors dogs went unanswered.

The man decided to turn on his video camera and ended up capturing much more than he thought he would, a very graphic dog-on-dog attack.

The video, the man says, is proof of what he has been dealing with at his home in Otisville.

The man who caught the vicious brawl between the dogs on video says he’s filed over 13 verbal complaints in the last four years with police.

All of the vicious pit bulls belong to the same owner in his backyard.

Despite the graphic video, the dog in the video survived the attack.

The owner of the pit bulls said he has been receiving threats on Facebook and through handwritten letters.

“A fella can't come home and work in his garage without having to carry a gun for fear that he might get mauled in his front yard? It's absurd.”

Michigan State Police said the case will be handed over to animal control for further investigation.

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