Detroit pastor who helped stop robbery receiving threats

Pastor Mo Hardwick helped stop an armed man from stealing pair of sunglasses

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DETROIT – Pastor Mo Hardwick was in the headlines last week after stopping a robber from stealing a pair of glasses at a peace rally.

Most people are happy that the pastor and members of the "LIP" organization defended themselves. But since video surfaced of them holding that man down, those in the video have received threats against  their lives.

Hardwick believes there's a target on his back

Cellphone video shows the moments after church members chased down a man who snatched designer sunglasses from someone.

Jeffery Grady can be seen on the ground getting detained by church members. Police said Grady fired multiple shots into a crowd at the peace rally in an effort to get away. He's been placed in jail.

"Because they're upset with me, they made a threat that they're going to kill my children," Hardwick said.

Hardwick filed a report with DPD after his family received numerous threats.

"You disrespect me like this, tell me you're going to shoot my church up and telling me I can't go out and do ministry anymore, I dare you," he said.

"Every time you do something, beware, because we're going to come with buck shots, that's unacceptable," said community activist Malik Shabazz.

Church members like Zaquan Austin, who wrestled the gun from Grady, have been threatened too. They were told if they continue to rally, there will be bloodshed. But they still returned to speak out.

"I believe if God is with me, who can be against me?" Austin said. "But I'm out here standing."

Police are aware of the threats. DPD will continue to monitor all future rallies.

"Any time a citizen is coming out to do something better for the community, I think it's a positive thing," said Cpt. Johnny Thomas. "If there's some unscrupulous person that threatens them, of course we'll come in and act accordingly."