Fraser police seek Walgreens robber armed with handgun

Man pointed handgun at clerk's face

FRASER, Mich. – Police in Fraser are looking for a man who they say robbed a Walgreens store early Thursday morning in the 31000 block of Groesbeck Highway.

The robbery was reported at around 4 a.m. at the Walgreens at 13 Mile and Groesbeck. Three female employees and one male employee were working at the time, but only one of the female employees was working at the register.

The Fraser Department of Public Safety said a man walked into the store and went to one of the refrigerators to get an iced tea. He walked up to the register and pulled out money before putting a gun in the 27-year-old female clerk's face and demanding money, authorities said.

"She did exactly what she was ordered to do by him. When he ordered her to the ground, she went to the ground. When he ordered her to put the money in the bag, she put the money in the bag," said Lt. Mike Pettyes.

Pettyes said the clerk did the right thing.

"Luckily nothing happened. She was pretty shook up. He put the gun right to her face but she stayed calm, did what she was told to by him, and nobody was hurt," said Pettyes.

The man got away with several hundred dollars and police believe that he might have fled in a vehicle. Police are trying to gather video from surrounding stores to track down the vehicle.

It's not the first time that the store has been robbed.

"It's open 24 hours, so it has definitely happened in the past," said Pettyes.

Pettyes said she plans to contact Walgreens' regional office to suggest closing the store earlier.

Customer Sherry Heatlie thinks that would be a good idea.

"They should really close at night and not be open so late and maybe criminals will stop coming up this way," Heatlie said.

Police hope the man can be identified and are studying the surveillance video for clues.

"We think he may work in the area. He was wearing safety-type glasses on the brim of his hat," Pettyes said.

Fraser police issued a statement: 

"The above suspect walked into the Walgreens store, selected an iced tea from the refrigerator (and) walked to the register. At this time he removed a black and silver handgun from his waistband, pointed his weapon at the clerk's face and demanded all the money from the register. The clerk and the suspect placed all the money from the drawer into a bag and the suspect fled the scene, walking west through the parking lot." 

Anyone who recognizes the man is asked to call the Fraser Police Department at 586-293-1425.

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