Rochester Hills family says man shot deer in their backyard

Woman says man drove through their grass to pick up deer's body

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. – Police are on the lookout after residents of a Rochester Hills subdivision said they say a man with a rifle shooting at deer in a backyard near Avon and Old Perch roads.

"We've had him around for a couple of years," Tammy Trudeau said.

A buck made himself at home in the Avon Estates subdivision and especially liked hanging out at the Trudeau's home.

"Our neighbor noticed it first thing early in the morning," Tammy said.

Tammy's husband, Mark, went to look at the buck, which was lying on the ground.

"He was laying on the ground, so I walked back about 100 yards behind our house and it had been shot," Mark said.

The sheriff said the buck was shot by a .22 caliber rifle. The Trudeaus called police and the DNR to investigate. But before police could show up and before the DNR could get the deer's body, a man driving a blue SUV showed up.

The Trudeaus said the man drove right around back on their grass, picked up the deer and drove off.

Tammy got a picture of the man.

"I saw the guy, saw him pick this thing up," Tammy said.

She captured the suspected shooter while loading his deer up on what they said was a 2000-2004 blue Nissan Xterra with spoke wheels.

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