Kids using apps to hide things on smartphones

The Local 4 Defenders exposed ways kids, spouses and others hide things on their phone.

Some apps make  life easier, and some are intended for hiding things.

A smartphone could be tracking where people are using location settings.

Here's a list of apps parents should be aware of that kids use to hide stuff:

Private photo storage apps

  • Calculator+
  • Secret Calculator
  • Photo Vault

Apps with messaging components

  • Twitter – direct messages on twitter can include photos and videos
  • Facebook – messages on Facebook can include photos and video; Messenger app also has a “secret conversations” option that will self-delete messages and pictures after a certain amount of time
  • Instagram – direct Messages on Instagram can include photo and video
  • Tumblr – a blog-creation website where users can post text/videos/pictures of whatever they want; also includes a direct messaging feature.
  • Burn Note – a text messenger app that self-deletes its content
  • Kik – a messenger app that can send photos and videos
  • WhatsApp – a messenger app that can send photos and videos
  • Viber – app for instant messaging and images/video/audio
  • Line – video and photo messaging app
  • ooVoo – video call, text, and voice app
  • Tinder – dating app linked to Facebook. Cannot send photos, but can exchange messages.

Other apps with video sharing/chatting

  • Periscope –a live streaming app. Users can stream their current video feed to their “friends” or to the general community.
  • – users can create a 15-second music video. Does include adult lyrics and sometimes adult content, even though content is policed by the community.
  • Omegle – a randomized video-chat application. Content is not monitored.
  • Chatroulette – a randomized video-chat application. Content is not monitored. 

Here's how to access location settings on iPhone and Android.

About the Author:

Karen Drew is the anchor of Local 4 News First at 4, weekdays at 4 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. She is also an award-winning investigative reporter.