Disgruntled employee accused of hacking student records at Detroit school

DETROIT – A former teacher in Wayne County was arrested after a computer network was hacked, causing substantial data loss, according to Michigan State Police.

Kristina Marie Lee, 36, of Lincoln Park, is charged with 15 counts of unauthorized access to a computer network and  15 counts of using a computer to commit a crime.

The Michigan State Police Cyber Command Center conducted an investigation after an attack on the system at the Detroit Edison Public School Academy in the fall of 2015, where a massive number of files and records were manipulated. Police say everything from attendance to academic performance for the 1,500 students in the K-12 system was digitally vandalized.

According to authorities, Lee was a disgruntled employee whose username and password were not deactivated when she was let go.

Lee was arraigned Wednesday.

Accessing a computer or a network without authorization, or exceeding authorized access with the State of Michigan is a violation of state law.