Thieves break into cellphone store despite Detroit's Project Green Light

Surveillance cameras capture incident at store on 7 Mile Road near Evergreen

DETROIT – Project Green Light, a partnership between Detroit police and local businesses, brings high-tech surveillance to bear in an attempt to stop criminals.

But the green light outside didn't protect a Boost Mobile store in Detroit that thieves have hit twice this week. Damage seen outside the Boost Mobile store is from a previous burglary.

The owner told Local 4 News he's fed up with the crooks because they keep breaking in. On Friday night, they used the back door instead.

A van backed up and slammed into the entrance of the store on Seven Mile Road off Evergreen Road.

"They actually stole the van. We found the van down the street. They just left it on," owner Mike Kalasho said.

The view from the inside shows the bars on windows and doors kept the crooks out.

"This is not the first it happened. Unfortunately, every holiday it happens," Kalasho said.

The Christmas Day attempted break-in was yet another for the owner.

"They've broken into the store five to six times in the past two months, and it happened again last night," Kalasho said. "Somehow they found a way in the back door."

Surveillance cameras caught it all Friday night when two people managed to get past the door. They slid underneath the security gate.

"They didn't steal a lot of stuff because everything was in the safe," Kalasho said. "They just took 10-15 cases because we've been broken into so many times, we don't keep any in the store."

While in the store, something rattled the camera and thieves tried escaping through the same gate. One slipped through with ease, but the other got stuck briefly.

Due to the many break-ins, the owner just joined Detroit's Green Light program two weeks ago.

"So I don't know if they knew it was a Green Light location. Hopefully it'll help in the future," Kalasho said.

The scene is upsetting especially because Kalasho said he tries to give back.

"On Thanksgiving, we gave out free turkeys, and Christmas, we gave out free toys to the kids," Kalasho said. "All the time, we do stuff like that we help the community a lot."

Anyone who recognizes the thieves or saw them leaving the store Friday night is asked to call Crime Stoppers.