15-year-old Kalmazoo shooting survivor suffers setback


Abigail Kopf, the now 15-year-old whose heart stopped when she was shot in a Kalamazoo restaurant parking lot, has suffered a setback.

The Facebook page dedicated to her recovery posted an update Wednesday saying she "is not doing very well."

Here's an update on Abbie Kopf. She is not doing very well. She has hypotension, which means her blood pressure is very low. Abbie is also experiencing speech issues and memory loss. We are also waiting for Abigail to get her new replacement plate put in sometime this month. The surgery will be a lot more intense than the last one. They have to do a skin graft from her thigh and rotate her scalp to help cover the section where the bullet exited, because it did so much damage.

Authorities said Kopf was shot by Jason Brian Dalton during a five-hour shooting spree February 20, 2016 in between picking up fares as an Uber driver.

Six people were killed as Dalton fired from his car. Authorities said that he switched vehicles in the middle of the attack and continued to shoot victims.

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