Former Michigan Rep. Brian Banks speaks after pleading guilty to making false financial statements

Banks resigns from office

DETROIT – Attorney General Bill Schuette went after Michigan state Rep. Brian Banks for three felonies, and in the end, Banks, D-Harper Woods, pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor and, as a part of the deal, resigned from office.

"I'm sentenced to one day in jail, time served and no probation," Banks said.

Schuette's charges stem from a $3,000 loan Banks received in 2010 before he was in office. It was a loan he ultimately paid back.

"I know, as well as many others, this was politically motivated," the Democrat said of the case against him.

Schuette's office has said that's nonsense.

Banks' political ascendency has confounded some. He has felony convictions in the past for things like writing bad checks and yet has been re-elected by his constituents in the last three cycles.

"I put my story out when I ran in 2012," Banks said.

He didn't shy away from his past. A high school dropout who, after many bad decisions and choices, got his GED, went to college and graduated. Banks then proceeded to get a master's degree and a law degree. His story resonated in his district.

Banks' constituent outreach was also strong -- town halls on health care, help with overdue DTE bills and adopting dozens of families at Christmas. It's why he easily cruised to victory during the last election cycle despite the charges from the attorney general's office.

Banks insists he isn't angry.

"I don't wish Bill Schuette any ill will," he said. "I've accepted my responsibility and guess what the work must continue."

He's coy when asked about a return to politics, but is clear on one thing: "You have not seen the last of Brian Banks."

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