Defenders sources: Car, floorboards removed from Berkley home in search for Danielle Stislicki

28-year-old Farmington Hills woman disappeared after leaving work in Southfield

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – It's been more than 11 weeks since Danielle Stislicki disappeared after leaving her office in Southfield.

While vigils, fliers and gatherings have kept the 28-year-old Farmington Hills woman's mysterious disappearance in the headlines, police have been keeping quiet about the case.

The Local 4 Defenders have new information about the case.

Police said they're making progress on the case while they wait for lab results on mounting evidence that has been gathered.

Plenty of attention has been paid to a home in Berkley where a former security guard lived. The guard worked in the same building as Stislicki. The home on Oxford Road in Berkley was searched by investigators in December.

Neighbors said the security guard hasn't been seen in Berkley since police searched the home.

Officers carried a mattress out of the home, and the Defenders learned that some floorboards were confiscated by authorities and sent off for testing.

Sources told Local 4 that police also removed a car from the garage.

"It's like putting together the pieces of a puzzle, and every day it seems like there's another piece that goes into the puzzle," Farmington Hills police Chief Chuck Nebus said.

Neighbors are frightened by the case and said they didn't want to talk on camera.

"We're moving in the right direction of positive developments," Nebus said.

"My logical mind would be predisposed to think that it was not going to turn out well," Richard Stislicki, Danielle Stislicki's father, said.

Richard Stislicki said he and his wife recently cleaned out their daughter's Farmington Hills apartment. He said it was a heartbreaking task.

He shared a picture of her bike and books that were in the apartment, saying it was too hard to share other mementos.

"I just remember Danielle as being so bubbly and just such a sweet kid," neighbor Rich Hoffman said. "As the days, and now the weeks and the months, drag on, it's just so disheartening to not know and to just wonder where is she and what happened."

Hoffman lived next to the Stislickis when they were in Redford. He has a missing flier on his front door, hoping maybe it will help.

"It's unbelievable, and you don't think that you're going to know somebody who has to go through this," Alanna Hoffman, a childhood friend, said.

"She made others feel good because she was so much fun," said Rosemary Johnson, one of Danielle Stislicki's former high school teachers at Redford Union.

She said the memories bring her comfort, but what's happening brings her anguish.

"It's a must. We need to keep talking about it," Johnson said.

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