Trump to auto CEOs: 'Build modern plants like you've built in Mexico'

Trump meets with auto leaders in Michigan


President Donald Trump met with executives from the automotive industry ahead of a speech in Ypsilanti, Michigan on Wednesday afternoon.

President Trump told the group, "We're going to bring a lot of jobs back to Michigan and Ohio and Pennsylvania," according to the pool report.

"I know you're all competitors," POTUS said, but asked the CEOs to build modern plants "like you've built in Mexico."

United Auto Workers president Dennis Williams said he appreciates Trump being there but he is worried about environmental standards for the automobile industry.

"We all agree with you 100%. 100%. We want you to make great cars but if it takes an extra thimble of fuel," we want you to do it, Trump said.

"You have to build plants here. I know I gave you a hard time but you have to build them here," POTUS said to Jim Lentz, the CEO of Toyota North America.

"I understand," Lentz said. "I understand."

Dennis Williams, the UAW president said he wanted to add to Trump's maxim that plants be built in America. He said he also wants the workers to be UAW members. "We want the workers to rise too," Williams said.

Trump, nodding and smiling, said "some things never change."

Among those who attended the roundtable, Gov. Rick Snyder, Mary Barra, Mark Fields, Sergio Marchionne, Elaine Chao and Scott Pruitt.

Inside the facility there were 11 made in the US cars. On the left an electric blue Mustang bore a sign that it was made in Flat Rock, Michigan. A red Jeep Grand Cherokee on the right was made in Detroit, Michigan.

Trump, according to the pool report, called over Michigan Governor Rick Snyder for a photo "Even though you didn't endorse me," to awkward laughter.

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