Warren Mayor Jim Fouts abruptly leaves public event

Fouts continues to dodge public eye following audio recording scandal

WARREN, Mich. – Warren Mayor Jim Fouts has done his very best to stay out of the public eye since recordings allegedly revealed him making offensive comments about children with special needs, blacks and women.

Fouts has yet to talk to reporters on the record about the recordings, so when his office announced Wednesday that the mayor would be making a public appearance to hand out awards, Local 4's Jason Colthorp attended the event.

For a few moments, it appeared reporters would have a chance to ask questions that demand Fouts' answers as a public official. What has he done to prove it's not his voice on the tapes? Why hasn't he ordered an investigation into the tapes or filed a lawsuit against the person who recorded them?

Local 4 showed up to the press event, which was held to recognize two men with police civilian citations. Before the event started, Fouts peered out from the office at Local 4 and a newspaper reporter, and despite his office having invited the press, he didn't seem comfortable.

Local 4 has sent text messages and phone calls to the mayor and visited his house multiple times to get comment on the tape scandal.

Moments later, Public Service Director Richard Sabaugh asked what the press wanted to ask Fouts. Minutes later, Fouts began the ceremony, only to abruptly exit.

The mayor said he has another event to get to, but his car is still parked in the lot outside the first event and hasn't moved.

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