LIVE STREAM: April the Giraffe's 'normal routine' returns

Watch April the Giraffe live below!

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April the giraffe isn't overdue, her doctor said. But she is close. 

A recent statement from Dr. Tim at the Animal Adventure Park in New York said the pregnant giraffe "just isn't quite ready to give the world what it wants." The doctor also addressed a few questions about this pregnancy. 

Here's the Tuesday morning update: 

Morning Keeper report is that April continues to ignore grain, and back end swell is noticeably larger than day prior. We, like many of you, sat up in bed or were inches from our screens a few times last night. She keeps us guessing. Rest assured, all is well, there is no distress, no pain - she is simply (but slowly) advancing. From what we have been told from prior facility - when she has her calves - she calves very quickly - which has us all on our toes as it is!

Giraffes should get yard time today - though we will watch the skys - as thunder storms are predicted and Lightning is a bad thing for giraffes!

Here's an update from the park Monday night: 

April has remained off grain again today, toys with her hay, turns up her nose at lettuce, but likes a DR Tim Carrot Treat!

Tonight will be another long night as we wait for April to decide just when is right!

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