Macomb County officials uncover human remains behind home in Ray Township

Neighbors see person in jail jumpsuit lead officials to scene

RAY TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Macomb County Sheriff's Office investigators unearthed remains Thursday behind a home on Kunstman Road near 28 Mile Road in Ray Township.

Sources told Local 4 that investigators were led to the scene by a person who came to them and claimed to have information about a homicide. Investigators said they were led to an exact spot behind the home, where they started digging and discovered partial human remains.

UPDATE: 2 in custody, 1 faces murder charge

The next-door neighbor said he was shocked when investigators started to dig behind the home.

"She says, 'They are digging in the back,'" Mark Pruehs said. "She asked them, 'Should she be afraid?' They said, 'No.' Digging in the ground? Correct."

Officials were digging to solve a mystery. The sheriff said the investigation is related to a missing person case. A teenager disappeared last March from his family's home, which is 8 miles away from the scene.

Sources told Local 4 that a person with knowledge of a homicide came to Sheriff's Office investigators with information on a body being buried.

Neighbors watched as a person wearing a jail jump suit lead investigators to the area behind the home. The Macomb County medical examiner took the remains away.

Neighbors on the road said they can't believe this happened there.

"Yes, it worries me," Pruehs said.

Officials confirmed Thursday night that they searched two separate areas in connection with the case.

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