Student claims he was stabbed during brawl in classroom at Romulus High School

Police, school officials say there's no evidence weapons were used

ROMULUS, Mich. – Algebra class got ugly Wednesday at Romulus High School when it turned into a fight among three students, one of whom says he was stabbed in the leg.

"I feel like somebody purposely stabbed me, because even the doctor said it was, like, a puncture wound from a knife or glass," Trevonn Claypool said.

Claypool has 10 stitches in his leg from that fight, which started when another student pushed his homework off his desk.

READStudent hospitalized after brawl in Romulus High School classroom

Students took out their phones and recorded the brawl, which was broken up when security officers arrived on the scene. Claypool was waiting outside the assistant principal's office when he felt the divot in the side of his thigh. He went to the bathroom and saw the gash. He said school administrators blew him off when he told them he was hurt. He called his mom.

"I knew it had to be something serious," Madeline Claypool said. She drove to him to the hospital.

School administrators said there was a fight but this was not a stabbing.

"We did an internal investigation at the high school in which we saw no evidence of any weapons," Principal Flinnoia Hall said.

No students saw a weapon and police found nothing. They believe Claypool got his wound when he was slammed against a whiteboard, which has a sharp edge.

The student who started the fight shouldn't have been in that classroom to begin with, but there was a substitute teacher in class Wednesday.

Romulus police are investigating.

Video shows punches flying and students screaming as chaos erupted in the classroom. You can see video of the fight below.

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