Police rescue young children left in car in northwest Detroit

Children left in car with temperatures in 70s

DETROIT – Police rescued two young children Tuesday after someone spotted them alone in a car at the Northwest Activities Center in Detroit.

Temperatures were in the 70s and the sun was shining when the children were left unattended in a car at the Northwest Activities Center on Meyers Road.

The two girls -- a toddler and an infant -- were taken to Sinai Grace for observation after police said they were in the hot car for around 15 minutes.

The employee who spotted the girls just after noon Tuesday was distressed by the discovery.

"I saw two little girls in the car," Bree Howard said. "The window was cracked about this much, and then one was coughing real bad, and the other little girl was just looking like she needed something to drink."

Police said the woman who was babysitting the children had gone into Michigan Works, and told police she wasn't allowed to bring the children inside. But employees said that's only partially true.

"She was in there for a nice little minute, and just to have those kids out here while you're in there doing whatever you've got to do, you could have brought them in and asked somebody to look out for them," Howard said. "That's why we're at the front desk."

The woman was taken away by police and the children were transported in an ambulance. Other parents said it's concerning to know what could have happened.

"I am a mom, and it makes me angry and sad," Howard said. "Kids don't ask to be here, and you just leave them out in the car like they're some kind of animal or something."

The woman who was babysitting the children is believed to be a relative. There's no word on any charges in the case.

The condition of the children hasn't been released, but they are expected to be OK.

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