Vandals spray-paint multiple homes, vehicles in Canton neighborhood

Residents wake up to spray-painted cars, homes in Canton

CANTON, Mich. – Residents woke Monday morning to their homes and vehicles covered in orange and blue spray paint in Canton.

Multiple homes and vehicles in the area of Palmer and Haggerty roads were damaged sometime between 1 and 3 a.m.

For most people, Memorial Day is about patriotism, but police said it became about tagging and vandalism in the Canton neighborhood.

Canton police said several residents who parked their cars on the street called to report the vandalism.

David Garvey said his dashboard was spray-painted after he parked it and then dashed into his house to avoid the rain on Sunday night.

"I usually lock it, but I didn't last night and they spray-painted both the inside of it and the outside of it, along with about 40 other cars in the neighborhoods," Garvey said.

The vandals were thorough. They also painted his gas tank, and it wasn't just cars that were targeted. The taggers also painted on houses and road signs.

The scrawls were largely unintelligible, and even the messages that could be read were spelled incorrectly.

Kim Vassel said her daughter's boyfriend's BMW took a hit.

"Profanity written on the side," Vassel said. "The lights in the back, his BMW sign in front was completely sprayed in dark blue. His license plate all across the back was completely sprayed, so (I'm) kind of shocked."

Canton residents noted the Garden City High School colors are orange and blue, but Kurt Movinski wasn't sure there is a connection.

"Honestly, I just thought, maybe, just a bunch of kids doing a prank or something," Movinski said. "I'm not really sure if it's a school or not."

Neighbors who cleaned their vehicles said it took a couple of hours to get the paint off.

"I'm just hoping that they're stupid enough to post something online and get caught," Garvey said.

Police said many residents have surveillance cameras, so they were asked to check the footage for anything that could lead police to the vandals.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Canton Police Department at 734-394-5400.

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