More than 30 dogs in Detroit house block paramedics responding to 911 call for woman

Police help move and remove dogs; woman dies

DETROIT – Paramedics were surprised to find more than 30 dogs inside a Detroit home Wednesday morning as they were responding to a call about a woman who fell and hit her head. 

The EMTs were responding to a 911 call about a woman falling and hitting her head inside the home on Hamburg Street near McNichols Road about a mile west of Gratiot Avenue. When they arrived at the home they were met by more than 30 dogs -- 32 dogs in all.

VIDEO: 20-30 dogs of all kinds, including puppies, removed from Detroit home

The emergency responders had to call Detroit police. When the officers arrived they called for backup. At one point there were 15 to 20 police officers at the home. 

The officers and family members worked to move the dogs out of the way so paramedics could get to the woman. They had to push the dogs to the second floor of the home just to reach the woman. 

The woman ended up dying from her injuries before they could reach her. She likely died hours before, police said. 

The exact cause of death is not known at this time. She is a 47-year-old woman. 

Meanwhile, police and Animal Control continued working to remove the dogs from the home. At least two Animal Control trucks were filled with the dogs. Overall, between 20 and 30 dogs were removed. They were found on every floor of the home including the basement, and in the backyard. There were many different types of dogs, and even some puppies. 

Neighbors said they rarely see the people who live inside the home. They said they have heard the dogs and the smell is apparent. 

"You don't see them, don't hear nothing from them. All you hear is a gang of dogs, and you smell the stench every now and then," a neighbor said. 

House could be condemned

Officers said the home is falling over and could be condemned. There were a total of four people living in the home -- a mother and her three adult children. 

Overall, 32 dogs were removed from the home. The Detroit city ordinance allows for only four dogs to live at one home. The family was allowed to keep four.

It's unclear what will happen to the other 28 dogs right now. 

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