Macomb County clerk files suit to allow firearms inside government buildings

Request for armed security ignored, Clerk Karen Spranger says

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – Embattled Clerk Karen Spranger is suing Macomb County to allow firearms in two government buildings. Thursday, Spranger filed a 94-page lawsuit with a long list of grievances.

Spranger said after repeated requests for armed security at her office on 120 N. Main Street, the county told her to find it in her own budget. Now, she’s suing to allow her own employees to carry firearms inside the county buildings.
Spranger is suing the entire county, Board of Commissioners, County Executive Mark Hackle and the Board of Ethics. File: 94-page lawsuit against Macomb County

The suit begins with a request to allow firearms inside the administration and Talmer buildings. 
Guns are not permitted in the courthouse, but Spranger said she has control of her elected offices and the restrictions do not apply. 

The suit comes after Spranger said she requested armed security at the Talmer building to protect cash receipts and deposits against robbery and other criminal activity. She said her request was first ignored, but then she was told to “find it in your own budget.”

While she wants her office protected, she wants search stations at the building's entrances removed. 
Spranger said the no weapons policy is enforced with metal detectors, X-ray machines and security guards, and she wants that to be a thing of the past. 

"I just want answers to my questions so that I can be treated with the respect this office holds," Spranger said.

Aside from arming her employees, Spranger’s suit also lists other issues -- she wants her personal attorney to be allowed at government meetings.

She also alleges the former register of deeds arbitrarily doubled filing fees to unlawfully increase revenue for the county.

John Schapka, with the Macomb County Corporation Counsel, issued a response to the suit Thursday night.


"I received a copy of Clerk Stranger's complaint late this afternoon and I have not yet had an opportunity to analyze its seemingly confused claims in any depth or detail," Schapka said. "Nonetheless, even a cursory review of its text reflects that it embraces no realistic chance of success."

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