Teenage driver shot as Sweet 16 party erupts into gunfire in Lincoln Park

Neighbors fed up with crime at Las Vegas Hall in Lincoln Park

LINCOLN PARK, Mich. – Chaos erupted Saturday at a Sweet 16 party in Lincoln Park when things got out of control inside the hall and shots were fired.

One bullet struck a 16-year-old boy who happened to be driving down Fort Street when the shots were fired, and another bullet ended up in the garage of a home behind the hall.

On Monday night, neighbors said they've reached their breaking point with the violence and crime. The incident happened at the Las Vegas Hall on Fort Street, and neighbors who live nearby said they're drawing the line.

Police said the hall hosted a Sweet 16 party on Saturday night that ended in gunfire.

Michael Mitchell saved the bullet slug he found on his garage floor and is turning it over to police. His neighbors on Fort Park Boulevard have had it.

"I set right there and look at the TV," Mitchell said. "That could have come through this glass window here and killed me."

The Las Vegas Hall hosts a variety of events. Some, such as exercise classes, nobody has a problem with. But private parties on weekend nights have neighbors nervous.

Many residents said they've complained about the music being way over the top.

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