VIDEO: Sergeant rescues unconscious driver from burning car in Philadelphia

There was a high-risk rescue in Philadelphia last week when a sergeant and a bystander rescued a man from a burning car that had rear ended a garbage truck. The rescue was captured on dashcam and bodycam.

Video shows Sergeant Marc Pasquarella, along with the help of a bystander, pulling the unconscious man from the car. The man is taken a safe distance away from the vehicle. Moments later, flames are visible at the front of the car.

Watch the video above.

According to WCAU, the driver rear ended the garbage in the early morning hours of June 30. The impact was so great that the unconscious driver became wedged under the vehicle's dashboard.

When Sergeant Pasquarella came upon the accident, he was hesitant to touch the trapped driver. He thought it would be better to wait for paramedics to arrive, but when he noticed the car was on fire, he knew he had to act fast.

Pasquarella said, "If I wasn't there I don't think he would have made it because by the time the fire department did show up almost the entire car was engulfed. So you know it was luck. Pretty crazy."

Minutes after the rescue, fire crews arrived and extinguished the flames.


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