Detroit's Greektown evacuated after manhole covers blow

DETROIT – Exploding manholes prompted evacuations Wednesday night in Detroit's Greektown. 

Watch video from the scene below.

The streets were evacuated, as was Fishbone's restaurant and the Atheneum Suite Hotel. 

At about 9:30 p.m., there were explosions. 

"A thick, heavy plume of smoke filled the air. We determined it was coming from underground," said Detroit police Capt. Darin Szlagy.

According to the fire department, a transformer blew near Fishbones in the 400 block of Monroe Street and manhole covers are now blowing up randomly, causing concern for citizen safety.

DTE told Local 4 early Thursday that the explosions were caused by a "high voltage cable failure." 

Rick Jeroski was on the eight floor of the Atheneum.

"The building shook a little," he said. 

Jeroski said he ran to a window when he heard the explosions and saw smoke and fire coming from the street.

A parking lot attendant said it sounded like bombs were going off when the manhole covers blew.

It's unknown if or when another cover may blow.

There was smoke in the basement of Fishbones, firefighters said.

The perimeter of Greektown is blocked off, and people are being told to avoid manholes in the area.

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