True Blue: Troy police officers show support for community

Police across Metro Detroit show support for communities

TROY, Mich. – Police have a tough job, and with the evolution of cellphone cameras and Facebook Live, it seems they are constantly under scrutiny.

In Local 4's ongoing series, True Blue, we're trying to give viewers perspective on life on the streets as a law-enforcement officer.

Defender Kevin Dietz profiled Troy police officers doing one of their favorite parts of the job: supporting the community.

A Troy police officer ordering up a glass of pink lemonade isn't exactly what residents would be used to seeing on the 11 o'clock news, but maybe it should be. Police all across Metro Detroit do simple things to show they care about the community, such as Troy police Sgt. Justin Novak ordering pink lemonade from women on Shakespeare Drive.

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You can get Kevin Dietz's full story in the video posted above.