Toddler mauled by new family dog after reaching to take toy from its mouth on Detroit's west side

14-month-old boy listed in serious condition

DETROIT – A 14-month-old boy was mauled by his family's dog Wednesday when he tried to grab a toy from the Gordon setter's mouth at a home on Detroit's west side.

The attack happened early in the afternoon at a home in the 18500 block of Muirland Street near 7 Mile Road and Livernois Avenue.

The boy suffered bites and lacerations on his face and head. Detroit police said he is in serious condition.

Detroit Animal Control officers had no problem removing the 6-year-old dog from the home. The Gordon setter didn't show any aggressive behavior toward the officers as they led it away.

But just moments before the dog was taken out of the house, police said it attacked a 14-month-old toddler in the kitchen.

Police said the child and his mother were in the kitchen when the dog walked in with one of the boy's toys in its mouth. When the child reached out to grab the toy, the dog attacked.

"I heard barking, but I didn't hear any screaming," said Phillip Mitchell, who lives next door.

The mother was holding her son in the front yard when emergency medical officials arrived.

The family said they adopted the dog from a rescue organization just 10 days ago.

"I was surprised that they did get a dog, and I thought, 'Well, it's good for the child,'" Mitchell said.

Animal Control officials took the dog away and posted a notice on the family's door telling them to contact Animal Control when they get home.

The dog is currently being checked to make sure it has had its shots and doesn't have any health issues.

It's still undetermed what's going to happen to the dog, but one investigator said the family likely will not have the dog back at the home with the child if the dog is cleared.

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