Nintendo's SNES Classic hits store shelves in much anticipated release


Attention video game lovers we have some exciting news for you on this Friday.

As Nintendo's new SNES Classic game console is hitting store shelves for its much anticipated release.

The miniature console is set to include 21 pre-loaded games and will cost you around $80.

Pre-orders were accepted throughout the summer so many video game lovers already have their device reserved.

However if you would like to try your chances at purchasing a new SNES Classic online. The console may be available at the following websites: Amazon, Gamestop, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Toys R Us and Thinkgeek.

If you would rather head out to the store: Gamestop, Target, Toys R Us, Best Buy, Thinkgeek and Walmart have all said they will have some devices available.

Experts warn that you may want to call your favorite retailer ahead of time to check on your chances of acquiring a console during today's launch.