Oakland County high school football players say they were attacked in parking lot after game

Groves High School football players say they were attacked

BEVERLY HILLS, Mich. – Police are investigating a violent confrontation that occurred Thursday night after a high school football game.

Two varsity students at Groves High School are safe after claiming to have been assaulted in the school parking lot following their team's 21-3 win against Troy High School. 

"There was talk, the guy jumped and there was a knife," said Groves student Rebecca Gonska.

Initially, the attack was believed to have been random and unmotivated, but both Groves students have admitted that they gave a false report once it became clear that the school had captured the event on its security cameras.

School officials now believe that the confrontation was a fight with assailants who weren't Groves students.

"We know that this physical altercation was not a random act and that at least one of the victims knew his assailant," the Groves administrative team said.

The incident has been the talk of the town.

"One football player got assaulted, and one helped him out," Groves student Dilan Daniels said.

Students, parents, teachers and administrators were disturbed by the reported attack.

Groves administrators sent out an alert about the incident, saying the two players were safe after being assaulted. The alert said two people attacked one player, and a second player stopped the attack.

Minor injuries occurred, according to police.

After police revealed the incident was caught on school security cameras, the two players admitted it wasn't a random attack, according to the district. They said it was a fight.

"I don't know what it was, but they knew each other," Gonska said.

A second letter was sent out that said the school was aware the fight was not a random act, and that at least one of the victims knew the attackers.

"When we were in class they told us not to talk about it, because I'm in journalism and they wanted to do an article on it, but they decided that it's a personal matter," Groves student Destiny Savage said.

Police said they still want to speak with all parties involved in the incident.

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