Detroit City Council member pushes for gun restrictions in city hotels

DETROIT, Mich. – Councilwoman Janeé Ayers pushed a new proposal to restrict weapons in certain Detroit hotels Tuesday.

Ayers asked city law and legislative departments to advise her on a new ordinance that would restrict or monitor rifles and semi-automatic firearms at Detroit hotels that face, or are adjacent to, public venues. The proposal would require hotel patrons to register the weapons at check-in.

The law departments supplied her with a number of state and national gun laws, essentially telling her there isn’t much room to make something happen in the area, but that has not stopped her from trying. 

"When leadership matters, that's when leadership has to happen and that's what I'm attempting to do right now,” Ayers said, “It doesn't mean there won't be hurdles, it doesn't mean I don't understand what municipal government can do, but we can always be creative.”

She admits that she is being reactionary, but she believes it’s still an effort that has to start somewhere. 

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